Our Fibre Roll-Out is Changing the Face of Broadband…

Broadband is changing in the Highlands and Islands. Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Digital Scotland are investing £146m to roll out a fibre network across our region, one of the most ambitious digital projects ever attempted in the UK.

Without this massive public investment, only around 23% of premises here would have been connected to superfast broadband through the commercial market. We aim to extend that to 84% and aim to reach a majority of premises in each of our local authority areas by the end of 2016. And for those in the hardest to reach areas, HIE has not forgotten about you. We are also delivering Community Broadband Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government, in a bid to help everyone find a connection.

As well as dramatically improving high-speed broadband availability across our region, we’re also committed to help you make the most of whatever broadband you have, by providing skills training and working with our partners, Business Gateway and Citizen’s Online.

We’ve had a lot of success so far but we’ve still got a long way to go. Follow us on our journey to get the Highlands and Islands better connected and discover a digital world which can help you work more efficiently, learn more flexibly and access online services from home.


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