Broadband in the Highlands and Islands is Changing


Modern, fast and reliable broadband will make a game changing contribution to our communities’ prosperity, offering new ways of living and working.”

Alex Paterson, Chief Executive

Whether you’re a business wanting to market your products world-wide, streamlining your business processes or you’re an individual wanting to keep in touch with friends and family, catching up on the latest TV shows, we all know that the benefits of being digitally connected are almost unlimited.

Everyone wants a connection that will open the door to these benefits. Huge parts of our region have been struggling with some pretty basic broadband and for many, even the joys of streaming have been beyond their grasp… until now.

Broadband in the Highlands and Islands is changing. Highlands and Islands Enterprise is leading on work to not only improve fibre broadband connections for our communities but also to help people make the most of whatever connection they have.

We’ve teamed up with the Scottish Government, Broadband Delivery UK and BT to bring to our region one of the most ambitious digital projects ever attempted in the UK. The current phase of the roll-out aims to connect 84% of premises in the Highlands and Islands to high-speed broadband by 2016, a huge and exciting challenge. We’re building a fibre optic network around the area which will not only provide a superfast broadband connection to most premises but also, revolutionise the high speed capacity we need to build on into the future, in order to achieve the Scottish Government’s vision of Scotland as a superfast nation by 2020.

Despite all of our success so far, we’ve still got a long way to go. Join us on our journey as we work towards getting the Highlands and Islands better connected.


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